Trivision is a sign-board composed by some prisms lined-up among them which, turning on themselves, can compose three different pictures, so it's possible to create an effect of dissolvence between an image and the other one.

If we are talking about external advertising, Trivision is one of the most powerful advertising systems, as a matter of fact, thanks to its motion, it catchs at once the attention, increasing people interest and curiosity and developing a greater effect of recollection in their minds.

Trivision is available in two versions: Trivision basic and Trivision with interchanging lamellas.



It's the ideal advertising mean for whoever has exigencies of space and it is required in the best strategic positions of the cities.
The image is given from entire prisms in aluminium alloy which turning on themselves, can alternate three images on the same space.

The change of image has to be made directly on the place in which the systems have been installed. This type of system satisfies the customers who have the necessity to replace more times and in a fast way the advertising images.


Aesthetically there isn’t a difference from Trivision Basic, it is only an issue of practise of change the images.

The image is given from decomposable prisms in aluminium alloy, composed by an entire prism and by three lamellas, which can be interchanged with much simplicity and swiftness.
The lamella, after to have been milled in two points, it’s coupled to the entire prism through of “blocchetti”; all it is prefixed at the movement of the system that completes its function of change image.

This type of system satisfies the customers that have the necessity to replace more times and in a fast way the advertising images.

Trivision   Trivision
The realization of the pictures can be made in different ways:
  • Decoration with adhesive Pvc paper carved with plotter,
  • Digital printing on permanent or removable “adhesive vinyl”
  • Printing on adhesive posters
  • Traditional posters to be stuck on the triangles. We use a specific glue.
General Specifications
Mod. Mod. Image Size
TRL 2015
TRV 2015 200x150 cm
225x175x30 cm
TRL 3015 TRV 3015 300x150 cm 325x175x30 cm
TRL 3020 TRV 3020 300x200 cm 325x225x30 cm
TRL 4030 TRV 4030 400x300 cm 425x325x30 cm
TRL 6030 TRV 6030 600x300 cm 625x325x30 cm
TRL 8030 TRV 8030 800x300 cm 825x325x30 cm
These specifications can be modified by Prismel without notice
We can supply Trivision with different measures, on the basis of the customer exigencies.