Sign Boards - Totem


System with flexible frontal: this is the concrete answer for what concerns the bright signboards because we use PVC materials that underline their simplicity and elegance.

It’s a strong and reliable product and it is composed by painted profiles in aluminium and a frame that allow us to fix and to put in tension the cloth, making the signboard more visible and of a great effect.
The rapid installation allow us to create sign-boards in big format and in one entire piece with a very interesting price.

  Structure in aluminum mt. 15x4.
The tyveck is backlighted by neon lamps.
Stampa Digitale

Bright structure in aluminium with panelling, cloth in tension-ideal system for who wants to realize the image in a single piece.

  Bright structure in aluminium m. 6x0,70 (whole plate).
Image printed in 4 colours and applied on opaline plexiglass.

Advertising Totem Outodoor - Indoor

Totem are versatile systems of a great visual impact, ideal for indoor and outdoor.

Their structure allow us to carry out workings of milling and thanks to the internal lighting and to the graphic, that underline the design, the message turns out more incisive, increasing the attention of the public.