Noleggio maxischermi

The Videomobil is a linear structure made by high quality materials and it is composed by a Video Display with Led-Dim: about 12 mq. which is situated on a structure with an hydraulics motion. This hydraulic motion lets the video go up from the ground at 3.50 mt; there are also a direction cabin where we can control the video signal and data and a generator of electric- power 18 kva.

On request you can have a sound structure -700 or 2000 Watt. You can see the Videomobil also during the sunlight, you can turn it on in 15 minutes and the images are reproduced with high fidelity and definition.

Noleggio Maxischermi
Noleggio Maxischermo

The outside structure has a surface of 12 mq and you can stick images, writing and messages on it, referred to your event. The screen is situated on a van which can travel everytime without limits of transit and it can also travel in the historical centre of the cities. You can rapidly put the screen at the ground from 30 cm to 3,50 mt. set on the vertical axis.

High quality video, fast installation, total autonomy and an innovating structure: the Videomobil will satisfy all the client's requirements.


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