Digital Printing

In the last years, thanks to huge investments, Prismel has been equipped with more advanced systems of inkjet print, in this way we can guarantee a whole service also for big formats. These equipments allow the reproduction of images on adhesive PVC supports, cloth and mesh, paper, moquette and polyester cotton, with a long duration guarantee and a high definition level.

Printing on removable or permanent PVC adhesive.
Tyveck mt. 31x9 printed, complete of edge and button-holes, assembled on a tubular structure in zinc and fixed on the wall
  Print on PVC applied on rigid panneling.  
  Structure in aluminum mt. 15x4. The tyveck is backlighted by neon lamps  

Decoration of motor vehicles

Another field in which Prismel cares for is the decoration of motor vehicles: fast delivery, precision and professional competence are the most appreciated requirements from our customers.

The image are printed on adaptable PVC adhesive. A specific enameling or plasticization protects the images from scratch and abrasion. The application on the vehicle is made by our qualified staff.