Bill Boarding

Bill Boarding AFF
It's a panel composed by modules and it's specific for fix pictures and sign-boards. It has a frame ox-silver which can be personalized and a sheet-iron paneling.

The images can be realized on printed adhesive Pvc materials or on bill-boarding paper.


Bill Boarding AFD
It's a modular panel composed by doghe ad it is specific for sign-board and advertisements.

The frame is completely in aluminium and can be personalized.

  Affissione AFD
Affissione AFD Affissione AFD
Bill-boarding AFT
Aft is the only system that allows us to have sign-boards without lighting system also of big format with Pvc panelling and with a frame in personalized aluminium. This one hides the system in tension, given to the image a great elegance and design.
Thanks to a fast installation, we can offer to our customers a good and cheap product.
Affissione AFD Affissione AFD
  AFT cartel cm. 400x300
  AFT cartel cm. 600x300